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Building Signs with Magnets

The vast majority of sign shops are at home when it comes to printing on flexible magnets that feature vinyl facing. Most of designs are found on vehicle signs and prepared through screen-printing. If you run a sign shop, it is important to discover fresh ways of incorporating magnets to help your customers easily install, manage, and move signage. Such knowledge also enables you to easily come up with fresh designs. This blog looks at some of the considerations that should go into building signs with flexible printable magnets.

Flexible Magnet Benefits

Signs printed on flexible magnets are easy to install and remove. Such a quality means that users can easily transform vehicles between being personal and business vehicles, and even move the signs from vehicle to vehicle. Another distinct advantage is that magnets can be economically and easily changed or moved to allow for the updating of the message.

Printing on Digital Substrates

Another popular application of flexible magnets is that of printing of digital substrates that can be run through modern printers. New and advanced magnetic materials also allow you to use thinner magnetic sheets that augur well for modern printers. One distinct advantage of this application is that there are numerous inks to choose from according to your indoor or outdoor project needs. Using the best paint for your project requirements ensures durability if your signs. Available inks range from Latex or UV to solvent and non-solvent based. You can also go for specific laminates or top coats to ensure compatibility with your specific printers.

Magnetized or Non-Magnetized Printing

The other consideration that you may have to make is whether to print on magnetized or non-magnetized materials. If you wish to print on magnetized materials, it is advisable to use printers that do not feature metal rollers or where you can cover the metal component through the creation of an air gap (barrier) using a poster board. The sheets can then be magnetized later. There are a lot of considerations that you have to make when designing and creating signs on flexible magnets.

Parting Shot

Apart from coming up with fresh ideas to print signs on magnetized and non-magnetized materials, it is equally important to get your magnetic sheets and magnetic rolls from a reputable manufacturer to ensure quality work. There are many top manufacturers of printable magnets in California and Nevada that can cater to your specific requirements and also give you expert guidance whenever you need it.

All You Need To Know About Flexible Magnets

American ingenuity is directly led to the birth of the flexible magnet. The journey towards the advancement of flexible magnetic materials begin during the late 50’s, when the press reported that a child had suffocated in a locked refrigerator. There was a sudden need for a new safe and effective losing mechanism for refrigerators. The result was a flexible magnetic strip whose locking mechanism provided the added benefit of improved sealing power. Today, flexible magnets are a staple in a lot of industries such as signs and graphics displays.

Uses of flexible magnets

Magnets have widespread use and are all around us. You can find them not only in refrigerator closing systems, but in vehicle wraps, retail displays, signage and trade shows. Printable magnets can be found in:
• Calendars
• Menu boards
• Warehouse labelling
• Attendance boards
• Vehicle signs
• Directories/ location identification
• Reminders
• Marketing

Printable Magnets

You can print directly into magnets. Flexible and hard magnets can be used as mounting devices, structural hanging or easily attached to signs. Adhesive tape can be used to attach flexible magnets to signs so that they can be mounted to magnetic receptive or metal ferrous surfaces. It is always Important to adopt new and easy ways to integrate magnets to achieve versatility, increase revenues, and allow for easy installation management and movement of your signage. Flexible magnets are also available in strips and rolls of different thicknesses and widths. Rolls and strips are commonly used in store displays where magnets strips are attached using a vinyl adhesive. They are also used to create labeling identifying different products devices and locations. This makes them ideal for seasonal displays or fast-changing product requirements. If you have a requirement for frequently changing messaging and don’t mind having to write and wipe off the surfaces, a flexible magnet with a erase surface is the best choice for you.

Deal with a reputable manufacturer

There are a lot of manufacturers of flexible and printable magnets in California and Nevada. Browse the internet to compile a shortlist of those with a clean track record and years of experience in the industry. It always helps to discuss your requirements with an expert if you are buying or using magnetic magnets for the first time. The internet also gives you access to many creative ways of using flexible magnets and printing on printable magnets.