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Fact or Fable? Cell Phones Damage Cards That Use Magnetic Strips

Fact or Fable? Cell Phones Damage Cards That Use Magnetic Strips

Fact or Fable? Cell Phones Damage Cards That Use Magnetic Strips

FactorFableThis is a fable. You may have been warned at some point by a hotel employee to keep your key card away from your cell phone for fear that the phone’s magnetic field might demagnetize the strip on the back of the card, rendering it useless. While a cell phone does emit a magnetic force, it is much too small to damage a hotel key card, credit card, or similar types of cards.

The black magnetic strips located on the backs of key cards, credit cards, and so on, contain important information. On a credit card for example, it stores the cardholder’s name, account number, pin number, expiration date, country of issuance, a security code, and other pertinent data. Standards set forth by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) specify magnetic strip content, including the type of information stored, information format, and the way in which the information is coded.

Credit cards

Scanners read the programmed information on magnetic strips, which is encoded on tiny iron particles. These particles are aligned on a magnetic field, which means the data contained on the strip may be vulnerable to demagnetization by other items with magnetic fields stronger than that of the card. In other words, demagnetization occurs when one magnet outperforms the other. If this happened, the stronger magnet would scramble the information encoded on your card’s magnetic strip. That is why if you are scheduled for a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), you should leave your credit cards behind since there are very large magnetic fields involved.Despite this, cards that adhere to ISO standards are nearly impossible to demagnetize with magnets available to the general public, including refrigerator magnets or the magnetic field of a cell phone. If you think you have been a victim of cell phone demagnetization, chances are the magnetic strip was actually corrupted by scratches or small bends. Even minor scratches can damage your card, leaving it unreadable.

DIY Magnetic Strips hack

Magnetic strips can help bring order to your kitchen, workshop and even in the bathroom. Not sure how you’d use one? Here are ways you can use a magnetic strip around your home

Organize Toys, Hold Knives and kitchen utensils, organized the workbench, keep make up together, wrangler hair accessories, make spice organizer, etc!.

Basically with little of ingenuity, you can do limitless hacks that might help you more organize around the house, simple by adhering the magnetic strips onto things that you want to organize and place them any metal surface.

Flexible Magnets DIY Tips for Early Learning Centers

Flexible Magnets DIY Tips for Early Learning Centers

Flexible magnets have many applications which extend to educational institutions. While for most people, flexible magnetic rolls and sheets are synonymous with uses such as advertising and warehouse labeling, educational institutions can take advantage of them in many creative ways. In this blog, we look at how early learning centers can take advantage of flexible magnets as an organization tool.

Basic Uses

There are a lot of applications for flexible magnetic name plates, such as labeling lockers, desks, charts, cubbies, and seating charts. Such applications make it easy to maintain order as well as easily introduce changes to reflect developments on the ground.

Managing Student Groups

Flexible magnets are a great help when it comes to managing flexible cooperative student groups. You can be creative with the actual configuration of the design but the basic idea is to post group names on a magnetic whiteboard for any activity. The magnetic name plates make it easy to change the configuration of the groups as well as use the name plates and white board for other activities. You can also use small whiteboards that can be located in the areas where the respective groups are supposed to be stationed.

Aid in Student Projects

Whenever students are involved in an activity that comprises many stages it helps to write the different stags on a whiteboard and have students attach their magnetic name plates to indicate the progress they are making. This makes the whole exercise fun and instills a sense of accomplishment in the students.

Graphic Organizer Exercises

Flexible magnetic rolls can also come in handy during the learning process by aiding graphic organization exercises. Prepare magnetic tags with relevant keywords/concepts and requests students to assign them to the correct blank spaces on the board, such as classifying mammals and reptiles.

Sentence Construction

Magnetic tags can also be used in sentence construction exercises. Missing word options can be fashioned out of flexible magnet tags from which students can choose and add to the sentence. You can also employ color codes for your magnetic tags according to the different parts of speech.

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