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Tips to Using Flexible Magnets and Printable Magnets to Increase Business Efficiency

Tips to Using Flexible Magnets and Printable Magnets to Increase Business Efficiency

Printable magnets

Flexible magnets and Printable magnets

If you are running a business, it pays to know creative and cost-effective ways to increase efficiency, conversions, and profitability. Printable magnets present world possibilities in terms of helping you to boost your business efficiency. JLP Co INC manufactures high quality flexible magnets and printable magnets that can be employed in a lot of creative ways. Here are some of the fresh ideas that you can implement when using flexible magnets and printable magnets. Read on.


Flexible magnets and printable magnets can come in handy when conducting meetings, group huddles, and other presentations. Unlike in the case of tape and thumbtacks, flexible magnets and printable magnets allow for easy changing of presentations from one to the next. You can easily paste the required material to flexible magnets and printable magnets by printing directly to the printable magnets. In some instances, it is much simpler and effective than computer presentations as well.

To help with branding

Flexible magnets and Printable Magnets come in a range of configurations allowing for versatility in terms of possible applications. One way to use flexible magnet sheets or rolls is to enhance your branding efforts. You can get flexible magnets and printable magnets in your brand colors and also design changeable signs and boards to help in your campaigns. You can also use them to design high quality decals for your fleet to help with branding.

Design Signs and Notices

Flexible magnets are also great for designing signs and notices around the building. This includes way finding signs, safety signs, notices, and routine announcements. Look around your workspace and involve your teammates to find important and creative ways to use flexible magnets and printable magnets. Browse through the different types and thickness options of the flexible magnets and printable magnets to find one that suits your requirement.

Get your magnets today!

If you are looking for creative ways to increase efficiency and grow your business, you may want to consider flexible magnetic sheets or rolls as part of your arsenal. JLP Co INC is reputable provider superior quality flexible magnets for sale and host of other magnetic products to meet your specific need. Talk to us today to get expert help with your requirement or get answers to all your questions. Just call us at (909) 803 0388 or mail us at Alternatively, you can also Send Us a Message, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Magnets

5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Magnets

Magnets come in different types that enjoy a host of applications such as flexible magnets, printable flexible magnetic sheets. They are commonplace from flexible magnets used in advertising, refrigerator doors, and other items, to powerful junkyard magnets that can haul huge items weighing tons. New applications for magnets continue to come to the fore every day, especially printable flexible magnetic sheets. Magnetism has always been the subject of much interest and sometimes outright misinformation, and to help you know more, this blog shares some fun facts you probably didn’t know about magnets.

  1. They are never-ending

Every magnet has two poles – north and south. No matter how many times you slit a magnet, all the pieces that you get will still have north and south poles. If you split a magnet, you get two perfect magnets, and so forth and so on.

2. They can turn metals into magnets

Strong magnets, such as rare earth magnets, have the distinct ability to, on contact, turn some metals into magnets. A common example of this phenomenon is when you rub a screwdriver against a magnet to enable it to pick up screws magnetically. Iron, a ferromagnetic material, can be magnetized using a powerful permanent magnet.

3. They are not always made from iron or metals

Magnets are not always made from iron or metals. In some cases, they are made from a host of materials that have the common characteristic of unpaired electrons. Typical examples include neodymium and other metals and alloys.

4. Magnets are just like light

The reason why magnets are drawn towards each other is because of an exchange of protons. These are the same particles that constitute light with the only difference being that magnets features virtual protons that are not visible. The exchange of momentum results in them repelling or attracting each other.

5. Magnets are all around us

Magnets are all around us including the biggest magnet of all – the earth. Its magnetic field arises from activity at its core where the molten iron features electric currents. Apart from that, black sand is a product of a magnetic mineral – magnetite, while meteors are magnetic by virtue of containing extra-terrestrial iron.

Get all things magnets today!

JLP Company is a leader in the manufacturer of premium quality magnetic products for a host of applications. We offer flexible magnets for sale in different thicknesses and dimensions according to your requirement. Whether you want printable flexible magnetic sheets or magnetic rolls, we have you covered. Call us today at (909) 803 0388 or mail to You can also Send Us a Message.

Flexible Printable Magnets

JLP Company’s flexible magnet is stocked and available immediately in 24″, 40″ and 48″ standard widths on 50′ and 100′ rolls; custom roll sizes and cut sheets are available upon request. Typical thickness is 15mil, 20 mil or 30 mil, and custom material can be fabricated to meet specific customer requirements.

We also stock other flexible magnets as follow: PLAIN magnet, ADHESIVE magnet or both adhesive and Printable magnets, also Printable magnet with vinyl backing.

Why Print Directly to Printable Flexible Magnets?

Businesses, large and small, are increasingly looking for creative and cost-effective ways to connect with their target market. Printable flexible magnetic sheets present a great way to bring passive advertising into your mix. They are versatile, cost-effective, and produce proven results on the adverting front when used as decals, roadside signage, and interchangeable in-store boards. While many businesses and graphic designers still find it necessary to print on vinyl material and stick it to flexible magnetic sheets, it makes perfect sense to print directly to the magnetic sheets. Here is why.

You can Buy Printable Flexible Magnetic Sheets

Perhaps an obvious reason as the product has been around for some time, but it deserves mention all the same. Printable magnets allow you to print directly to the magnet using silk screen printing, pad printing, and hot foil stamping printing. They produce high quality images that actually rival what you get by taking the longer and more costly route of printing to vinyl and then laminating to magnetic sheeting.

You Stand to Save Money and Time

Opting to print directly to printable flexible magnetic sheets saves you money and time in a number of ways as it removes an entire process from the equation. You stand to save from the faster turnaround, and reduced labor and material costs. They can also be used for a variety of applications including mobile, static, and indoor advertising.

You Get Superior Quality

Printing directly to flexible magnets gives you a superior quality print in two ways. Firstly, it eliminates the potential for bubbles that is characteristic of the laminated option. Bubble-free print means easy maintenance and longevity. Secondly, printing directly eliminates the potential for curling that results from the flexible magnet and vinyl laminate expanding and contracting as well as responding to things like moisture, differently.

Need Flexible Magnets? Call Today

If you are looking for a cost effective way to bring passive advertising into your mix and grow your business, flexible magnetic sheets are indispensable. JLP Company INC manufactures premium quality magnetic products that include magnetic rolls and sheets. Our printable flexible magnets are available in thicknesses of 15, 20, 30 mil, and we can also cater to your specific requirement. Call us today to discuss your requirement and get answers to your questions at (909) 803 0388 or mail to