5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Magnets

Magnets come in different types that enjoy a host of applications such as flexible magnets, printable flexible magnetic sheets. They are commonplace from flexible magnets used in advertising, refrigerator doors, and other items, to powerful junkyard magnets that can haul huge items weighing tons. New applications for magnets continue to come to the fore every day, especially printable flexible magnetic sheets. Magnetism has always been the subject of much interest and sometimes outright misinformation, and to help you know more, this blog shares some fun facts you probably didn’t know about magnets.

  1. They are never-ending

Every magnet has two poles – north and south. No matter how many times you slit a magnet, all the pieces that you get will still have north and south poles. If you split a magnet, you get two perfect magnets, and so forth and so on.

2. They can turn metals into magnets

Strong magnets, such as rare earth magnets, have the distinct ability to, on contact, turn some metals into magnets. A common example of this phenomenon is when you rub a screwdriver against a magnet to enable it to pick up screws magnetically. Iron, a ferromagnetic material, can be magnetized using a powerful permanent magnet.

3. They are not always made from iron or metals

Magnets are not always made from iron or metals. In some cases, they are made from a host of materials that have the common characteristic of unpaired electrons. Typical examples include neodymium and other metals and alloys.

4. Magnets are just like light

The reason why magnets are drawn towards each other is because of an exchange of protons. These are the same particles that constitute light with the only difference being that magnets features virtual protons that are not visible. The exchange of momentum results in them repelling or attracting each other.

5. Magnets are all around us

Magnets are all around us including the biggest magnet of all – the earth. Its magnetic field arises from activity at its core where the molten iron features electric currents. Apart from that, black sand is a product of a magnetic mineral – magnetite, while meteors are magnetic by virtue of containing extra-terrestrial iron.

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