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Unique Benefits of Using Flexible Magnets to Make your Signage

A business that lacks advertising cannot compete, grow, or survive. It is a ‘dog-eat-dog’ affair in the business world and it pays to find innovative ways to reach your market. One easy and proven way to do so is to take advantage of signage. Flexible magnets can be used to make easy, cost-effective, and durable signage and displays. Here is a look at some of the advantages that you stand to gain from using flexible magnets to make your advertising signage.


Flexible magnetic strips offer unmatched customization options when it comes to designing your signage. You can start by selecting the best flexible magnet for your requirement and design including printable flexible magnets.

Cost efficiency

Using flexible magnets presents a cost effective way to connect with your market when compared to other advertising and marketing channels. Flexible magnets are affordable and they last for a long time when maintained properly.

Aesthetic appeal

Signage and displays made from flexible magnetic strips are gifted with unique aesthetic appeal that guarantees success of your campaigns.


Signage made from flexible magnets is reusable making sure that the cost of your campaigns stays low. They can be taken down and replaced at no cost and stored properly for later use such as in annual or seasonal campaigns.


Flexible magnet signs are safe around most products and appliances and can also be used with barcoding, automation, and electronic tracking. You can also use flexible magnets for a lot of other functions around your business as discussed in our earlier blogs.

Functionality and durability

Flexible magnets from JLP Company Inc. are made with high quality materials and according to the best processes. This gives you strong and long lasting magnets that work well in all conditions and can be used for many purposes.

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Must-Know Warehouse Labeling Tips using Flexible Magnets

Must-Know Warehouse Labeling Tips using Flexible Magnets

An efficient and logical flow of people and goods is very critical to the operations of every warehouse. Warehouse signage and location labeling is often overlooked during the planning of a new warehouse although its importance cannot be overemphasized. A little planning, some flexible magnetic signs, and design will get you up and running. To help, here are a few tips to consider.

Warehouse Labeling with Flexible magnet

Warehouse Labeling with Flexible magnet and magnetic strips

Work with a professional designer

The first thing you need to do is get in touch with a reputable provider of signage design services to establish the nature of services they bring to the table. Some provide a full range of services including signage/labeling design, printing on flexible magnetic strips, and installation. You will benefit a lot from the experience they bring to the table.

Know your needs

Before you set out to buy flexible magnets and start the labeling/signage design process, review your warehouse to establish what you need. You will need to have a full picture of the shelves and racking as well as the flow of goods and people, among other things. After considering all these factors as well as the type of lighting to be installed, you can better determine the number, size, type, and location of signs that you need.

Prepare your warehouse

Prepare your warehouse for the installation of signage/labeling. Make sure you have the right mounting for your signage/labeling and the technology you intend to use. Get rid of dust and dirt on the beams, racks and shelves as it can negatively impact the effectiveness of the labeling/signage adhesive. Make sure all the equipment required for the installation is in place such as barcode printers and power lifters.

We can help

When you need to get the best signage/labeling for your warehouse, you need to use the best flexible magnets on the market. JLP Company provides premium quality flexible magnet products for all your warehouse labeling needs. Check out our printable magnets and magnetic strips to find the best options for your requirement. To get expert help or answers to your questions, call us at 909 803 0388 or mail to You can also Message Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Flexible Magnets Arts and Crafts: Magnetic Knife Holder Installation

Flexible magnets are manufactured in strips and sheets, and enjoy many uses. They have many applications around the home and are also used in arts and crafts.  One popular and easy DIY project that you can do with magnetic strips is to make magnetic knife holders. They come in handy around the home and nicely made magnetic knife holders can also work wonders as a business idea. Here are some of the cool places that you can place your magnetic knife holders.

Above the sink

Perhaps the best place to locate your magnetic knife holder, the area above the kitchen sink is convenient as it is where you wash the dishes. Another advantage is that it puts the knives and forks safely out of the reach of children.

Below fitted cabinets

If you don’t want the magnetic knife holder to be a prominent fixture in the kitchen, you can tuck it below your fitted cabinets. The location also helps you save space and keep the dangerous items out of the reach of children.

Behind the stove

Installing your magnetic knife holder in the area behind the stove gives you easy access when cooking and also allows you to take advantage of unused real estate. The location is also tucked safely away from the reach of children but makes the knife holder a prominent fixture.

Inside cabinet doors

Flexible magnets also allow you to fashion a simple magnetic knife holder, even if you are not great with the crafts. If your knife holder is not aesthetically pleasing but simply designed to serve a functional purpose, you can locate it on the inside of any of your cabinet doors.

As part of a wall grouping

If your magnetic knife holder looks great and you don’t mind making it a prominent fixture, install it on a wall as part of a larger grouping that comprises other wall-mounted items and appliances.

Accessorize your home with flexible magnets!

Flexible magnets can be used in a whole lot of other instances around the home.  Search the internet for tips on other cool DIY projects and uses of magnetic strips and accessorize your home. JLPCO provides the best quality flexible magnets for all applications, including car signage, warehouse labelling, exhibitions and stands, POS, and in schools. They are a low cost solution that offers high corrosion resistance. Call us for more information on our range of flexible magnets at (909) 803 0388 or mail to You can also Message Us today.



All You Need to Know About Flexible Magnets

All You Need to Know About Flexible Magnets


Magnetic strips and magnetic rolls have countless industrial and commercial applications. They are part of the flexible magnet family which also includes rolls.  Despite having different configurations, one element that sets these materials in a class of their own is their magnetic property. In this blog, we take a closer look at magnets and answer some frequently asked questions.

What are flexible magnets?

Flexible magnets are designed for applications that don’t require too much magnetic strength. However, they feature multiple magnetization patterns to give them the much-needed holding power. They can be twisted, coiled, bent, cut, printed, and easily adhered to metallic surfaces. Magnetic sheets, strips, and rolls can be cut or scored according to your specifications.

What is magnetism?

The term magnetism pertains to the strength of attraction or repulsion that occurs between objects and substances composed of materials such as iron, cobalt, steel, and nickel. It is the motion of electric charges that results in the force of magnetism. Two magnets will attract at opposite poles and repel at similar poles.

Can a magnet lose its magnetism?

Flexible magnets such as magnetic strips and magnetic rolls lose a negligible amount of their magnetism over time. The loss can only be significant if you store them close to high temperatures, power lines, or other magnets. Following basic care tips is enough to ensure that your magnetic strips or rolls serve their purpose for extended periods.

What can flexible magnets do?

Flexible magnets enjoy many common applications in the home and across different industries. Magnetic strips and rolls are used in toys, refrigerator displays, car signs, POP displays, games, magnetic signs, business cards, message boards, shelve labels, educational products, and arts and crafts, among other consumer and commercial applications. Printable magnetic strips are used in warehouses, classrooms, trade shows, shipping rooms, POP displays, labs, and office and visual aids, among other labelling applications.

Talk to an expert

Whether you are looking to buy or get more information on flexible magnet products, JLP Company Inc. has experts to walk you through your requirement. We have 50+ years of experience manufacturing superior quality flexible magnet materials such as magnetic strips and rolls at reasonable costs. Browse through available magnetic materials and discuss your customization needs. Call us at 909 803 0388 or email at You can also message us.

A Basic Guide to Making Flexible Magnetic Signs

If your business is not taking advantage of flexible magnets, you are missing out on a world of opportunities to grow and save. Magnetic signs present an affordable alternative to printing directly onto your vehicle. They give you the added advantage of being able to put them on and remove them as and when necessary. JLP Company Inc. provides flexible magnets and magnet rolls to make the best magnetic signs for your business. Let’s look into the basics of making flexible magnet signs.

What are magnetic signs?

To breakdown magnetic signs, it is safe to say that they are vinyl signs that have been attached to a magnetized substrate. The most important thing to remember is that the thickness of the magnet is directly related to its magnetic strength. This magnetic strength determines its pull strength and stability during application. There are a number of different substrates that you can choose from to meet your specific requirement.


To make magnetic signs using printable magnetic rolls, you need a few tools such as

  • Safety ruler
  • Corner rounder
  • Heavy duty utility knife


You first need to cut the corners of your magnetic rolls before applying the graphics. The rounding of the corners is done to reducer the aerodynamic drag of the sign as the car picks up speed. It helps the magnetic sign lasts longer and maintain its desired position, resulting in little to no scratches on the vehicle’s paint.

Apart from flexible magnets for vehicles, you can also make magnetic business cards and magnetic door signs. You can also use a digital printer depending on the substrate you are using.


When installing flexible magnetic signs, make sure to avoid migration. This happens when moisture gets trapped between the vehicle surface and the magnetic sign. Various chemical reactions often occur resulting in permanent staining of the vehicle surface.

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If you are looking for superior quality magnetic rolls for your magnetic signs, the search ends at JLP Company Inc. We manufacture printable magnets, magnetic strips, and magnetic rolls that are sure to meet your needs. Talk to our specialists to discuss your options or place an order. You can reach us at (909) 803 0388 or mail us at Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and one of our sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

A Special Focus on Point of Purchase Magnets

Flexible point of purchase magnets hide in plain sight everywhere you go. P.O.P magnets include a wide selection of sign-holding, display making, latches, devices, and photo marketing products. The magnets are out of sight as there is emphasis is not on its functionality, but rather the product and aesthetics. The products use flexible magnets, magnetic rolls, printable magnets, hooks, and other assemblies. Let’s look at some of the POP magnets used by various business and non-profit organizations.

Printable Magnets

Magnets often hide in plain sight as they sometimes have stuff printed on them. Printable magnets allow you to print directly onto the magnet, restricting the focus of the viewer to the graphics. The products allow for unrestricted creative applications and vivid design colors owing to their integrated magnetic backing.

Common uses

Printable magnets are often used for:

  • Photos
  • Message boards
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Portraits
  • Teaching aids
  • Temporary signage
  • O.P displays
  • Decorative magnets

They are mostly used in interchangeable sign applications in instances such as on menu boards to update customers of current promotions, special ingredients or deals, etc.

Flexible Magnet Strips

An early form of flexible magnet, magnet strips enjoy myriad uses. One notable use is attaching signage to magnetic receptive surfaces. The magnets are first extruded into long, thin strips of different dimensions. Whatever the configuration of the application, they also play a background role, giving prominence to the product.

Common Uses

Some of the common uses of flexible magnet strips include, but are not necessarily restricted to:

  • O.P Displays
  • Sign holding
  • Packaging applications
  • Trade show displays
  • Show door and screen door closures

Magnet strips can be used in one of two ways namely, magnet to magnet and magnet to steel.

Sign holding Magnets

Sign holding magnets are taking over the space that was once occupied by sturdy sign bases that utilized a variety of attachments to get the job done. The new design that makes use of magnets works by adhering a magnetic base to the back of a sign.

Shop Online Today

You can bag high quality flexible and printable magnets for your requirements online from reputable manufacturers and vendors. It is also important to discuss your requirement before placing the order to cover issues such as printer compatibility and product dimensions.

All You Need To Know About Flexible Magnets

American ingenuity is directly led to the birth of the flexible magnet. The journey towards the advancement of flexible magnetic materials begin during the late 50’s, when the press reported that a child had suffocated in a locked refrigerator. There was a sudden need for a new safe and effective losing mechanism for refrigerators. The result was a flexible magnetic strip whose locking mechanism provided the added benefit of improved sealing power. Today, flexible magnets are a staple in a lot of industries such as signs and graphics displays.

Uses of flexible magnets

Magnets have widespread use and are all around us. You can find them not only in refrigerator closing systems, but in vehicle wraps, retail displays, signage and trade shows. Printable magnets can be found in:
• Calendars
• Menu boards
• Warehouse labelling
• Attendance boards
• Vehicle signs
• Directories/ location identification
• Reminders
• Marketing

Printable Magnets

You can print directly into magnets. Flexible and hard magnets can be used as mounting devices, structural hanging or easily attached to signs. Adhesive tape can be used to attach flexible magnets to signs so that they can be mounted to magnetic receptive or metal ferrous surfaces. It is always Important to adopt new and easy ways to integrate magnets to achieve versatility, increase revenues, and allow for easy installation management and movement of your signage. Flexible magnets are also available in strips and rolls of different thicknesses and widths. Rolls and strips are commonly used in store displays where magnets strips are attached using a vinyl adhesive. They are also used to create labeling identifying different products devices and locations. This makes them ideal for seasonal displays or fast-changing product requirements. If you have a requirement for frequently changing messaging and don’t mind having to write and wipe off the surfaces, a flexible magnet with a erase surface is the best choice for you.

Deal with a reputable manufacturer

There are a lot of manufacturers of flexible and printable magnets in California and Nevada. Browse the internet to compile a shortlist of those with a clean track record and years of experience in the industry. It always helps to discuss your requirements with an expert if you are buying or using magnetic magnets for the first time. The internet also gives you access to many creative ways of using flexible magnets and printing on printable magnets.