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All You Need to Know About Flexible Magnets

All You Need to Know About Flexible Magnets


Magnetic strips and magnetic rolls have countless industrial and commercial applications. They are part of the flexible magnet family which also includes rolls.  Despite having different configurations, one element that sets these materials in a class of their own is their magnetic property. In this blog, we take a closer look at magnets and answer some frequently asked questions.

What are flexible magnets?

Flexible magnets are designed for applications that don’t require too much magnetic strength. However, they feature multiple magnetization patterns to give them the much-needed holding power. They can be twisted, coiled, bent, cut, printed, and easily adhered to metallic surfaces. Magnetic sheets, strips, and rolls can be cut or scored according to your specifications.

What is magnetism?

The term magnetism pertains to the strength of attraction or repulsion that occurs between objects and substances composed of materials such as iron, cobalt, steel, and nickel. It is the motion of electric charges that results in the force of magnetism. Two magnets will attract at opposite poles and repel at similar poles.

Can a magnet lose its magnetism?

Flexible magnets such as magnetic strips and magnetic rolls lose a negligible amount of their magnetism over time. The loss can only be significant if you store them close to high temperatures, power lines, or other magnets. Following basic care tips is enough to ensure that your magnetic strips or rolls serve their purpose for extended periods.

What can flexible magnets do?

Flexible magnets enjoy many common applications in the home and across different industries. Magnetic strips and rolls are used in toys, refrigerator displays, car signs, POP displays, games, magnetic signs, business cards, message boards, shelve labels, educational products, and arts and crafts, among other consumer and commercial applications. Printable magnetic strips are used in warehouses, classrooms, trade shows, shipping rooms, POP displays, labs, and office and visual aids, among other labelling applications.

Talk to an expert

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Distinct Benefits of Using Magnet Signs For Your Marketing Initiatives

Businesses are always looking for creative, effective, and cost-effective ways to reach out to their target markets. If you can’t afford going grand like renting a billboard, or need to regularly change your messaging in line with changing promotional activities, magnet rolls and strips may be just what you need. Magnetic signs are also a great solution if you can’t afford vinyl graphics or car wraps or need to frequently change the messaging. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using magnet rolls to make magnetic signs for your business.

Benefits of Magnetic Signs

  • If you own multiple cars, magnetic signs are more practical as compared with full vehicle wraps. You can use a single sign on multiple vehicles at different times and even reuse seasonal or annual promotional signs.
  • They can be used on any metal surface, meaning that there is no restriction to how you can use your magnetic signs. They can go from a car, refrigerator, trailer, truck, to a boat.
  • Whatever the number of cars in your fleet, you can change or refresh your messaging as and when necessary. One day it could be a new promotion, the next day a vacancy at your business organization, and the next new services on offer.
  • They are easy and super-fast to apply and remove and can even be applied on rented vehicles.
  • They are also ideal for people who use the personal vehicles on the job as they can be removed after work and over the weekend.
  • Not only do the signs help you save money that would otherwise be spent on vinyl wraps or some other solution, Magnetic signs made from magnetic rolls make great business sense. As a moving billboard, they are sure to bring you lots of business, as vehicle advertisements garner 40, 000 impressions every day.

Get your Creative Juices to Work!

Magnet rolls and magnetic strips can also be used for many other tasks around your business. They make great message boards, car signs, shelve labels, door seals, refrigerator doors, post displays, and warehouse signs and labels. Search online for reputable manufacturers of industry standard magnet rolls in California or Nevada and go for the best price without compromising on product quality. You can also get some fresh ideas online on how you can use magnet rolls in your business marketing initiatives.