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Flexible Magnets used to decor elevator doors

Flexible Magnets from Printable Magnetic sheets or Magnetic rolls to decor elevators’¬†door

Flexible Magnets, Printable Magnetic sheets, Magnetic rolls to decor elevators. Flexible magnets particularly the printable flexible magnets is basically flexible magnets backed with white vinyl. The white vinyl is the printable side that can be open to imagination what is going to be printed on it. That being said imagine elevators being the heart of office buildings that connect floors to floors, imagine the elevator doors being decorated with this material to communicate messages to employees or occupants of the building. Whenever the management decided to change the message it can be easily remove and apply with a new one, win win for everyone with flexible magnets being used this way.

What are Printable flexible magnets?
Printable flexible magnets are flexible magnets backed with printable substrate. The most common one is vinyl, it could be paper, PET film etc. Or if chosen so user can glue whatever they want on it. The most common one is white vinyl, it does comes in different major colors. User that don’t have proper printer can use the material and glue on their chosen decals.

What are the common uses of Flexible magnets?
Flexible magnets are often used to display graphics or messages such as advertisement industry. They are widely used in signage and display as they offer unmatched versatility. Laminates can be applied on the non-magnetic side to suit the intended application. The magnets also found use in:
* Arts and crafts
* Side of vehicles as car magnets to promote company business
* Murals
* Menu boards that required up to date offers
* Marketing aids
* Bin labels
* Warehouse Barcode
* Schedule boards
* Advertising
There are a lot of other uses and you can always find more creative ways to use this versatile product. They can be cut, shaped, and drilled to suit the application.

If you like to know what else it can be used for!

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