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Flexible Magnet Sheets

Flexible Magnet Sheets


Flexible Magnet Sheets are one on the most easier material to work with when you need to turn anything into magnetic. Normally Flexible Magnet are in roll form. Sellers cut them down to popular sheet sizes such as 12″x24″, 24″x36″ etc. Flexible magnet sheets in roll form depend on its thickness when unroll need to be relax to flat out so it can be easy to work with. This is the reason cut sheet sizes are ready to work with.

Flexible Magnet sheets in roll form are also called Magnet Rolls. When you have bigger project that needs a lot of sheets this is what you want to get. Roll magnets accommodate better for shipping. Magnetic material is heavy when rolled up it is easier to transport.


The most common flexible magnets are plain type, that is the usually dark brown color, with this material you can add glue and adhere to your project to turn it into magnetic. Another for is flexible magnet with adhesive, this saves your from the need to add your own glue, this comes with it. Normally it is a better acrylic adhesive, you just need to remove the liner and ready to apply it on to your project.

Flexible magnets that backed with paper can be printed with regular home printers. This material is the cheapest option for consumer home sign makers. Since it is backed with paper, it is only suitable to be used in door. If you are commercial sign maker than you probably need Flexible magnets sheet that backed with vinyl. This is good for vibrant graphics and can be used outdoor.

JLP Company has pre cut sheet size or in roll form. So when you need Flexible magnet sheets just give us call. You will find what you need in different thickness, length and width.

Fact or Fable? Cell Phones Damage Cards That Use Magnetic Strips

Fact or Fable? Cell Phones Damage Cards That Use Magnetic Strips

Fact or Fable? Cell Phones Damage Cards That Use Magnetic Strips

FactorFableThis is a fable. You may have been warned at some point by a hotel employee to keep your key card away from your cell phone for fear that the phone’s magnetic field might demagnetize the strip on the back of the card, rendering it useless. While a cell phone does emit a magnetic force, it is much too small to damage a hotel key card, credit card, or similar types of cards.

The black magnetic strips located on the backs of key cards, credit cards, and so on, contain important information. On a credit card for example, it stores the cardholder’s name, account number, pin number, expiration date, country of issuance, a security code, and other pertinent data. Standards set forth by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) specify magnetic strip content, including the type of information stored, information format, and the way in which the information is coded.

Credit cards

Scanners read the programmed information on magnetic strips, which is encoded on tiny iron particles. These particles are aligned on a magnetic field, which means the data contained on the strip may be vulnerable to demagnetization by other items with magnetic fields stronger than that of the card. In other words, demagnetization occurs when one magnet outperforms the other. If this happened, the stronger magnet would scramble the information encoded on your card’s magnetic strip. That is why if you are scheduled for a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), you should leave your credit cards behind since there are very large magnetic fields involved.Despite this, cards that adhere to ISO standards are nearly impossible to demagnetize with magnets available to the general public, including refrigerator magnets or the magnetic field of a cell phone. If you think you have been a victim of cell phone demagnetization, chances are the magnetic strip was actually corrupted by scratches or small bends. Even minor scratches can damage your card, leaving it unreadable.

DIY Magnetic Strips hack

Magnetic strips can help bring order to your kitchen, workshop and even in the bathroom. Not sure how you’d use one? Here are ways you can use a magnetic strip around your home

Organize Toys, Hold Knives and kitchen utensils, organized the workbench, keep make up together, wrangler hair accessories, make spice organizer, etc!.

Basically with little of ingenuity, you can do limitless hacks that might help you more organize around the house, simple by adhering the magnetic strips onto things that you want to organize and place them any metal surface.

Flexible Magnets

People sometimes call Flexible Magnets as rubber magnets which made of ferrite powders and polymer. It has the characteristics of flexible, versatile with endless possibilities. Its material can be twisted, bend, punched, and otherwise made into all forms or shapes without loss of magnetic energy. Due to its flexible characteristic, flexible magnet can be as durable as rubber toys.

Flexible magnets are extensively applied for advertising, craft magnets, general signage, vehicle signs, promotional signage, decorative displays, general displays, school educational aid, toy, motor, industrial etc. You can easily cut flexible magnets with scissors and do screen printing, wide format inkjet printing, and also off-set printing. It’s available in adhesive backing or brightly colored vinyl backing, inkjet photo paper backed. You can use our flexible magnets rolls, magnet sheets and cut them to any custom profiles to fit your needs.

Flexible Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are made of permanent flexible magnetic sheeting; standard or custom manufactured to satisfy specific processing and usage requirements. Magnetic signs are made of flexible magnetic materials that provide an alternative material for signage applications.

Displays; nameplates; sales promotions; printing; message boards; P.O.P. displays; instruction boards; menu boards; craft displays; surface-mount signs; planning boards; floor signs; doodle boards; vehicle signage; architectural signage; display boards; graphics; hand lettering; hot stamping; and posters can all be made into magnetic signs. Printers and sign makers use magnetic signs.

JLP manufactures flexible magnetic material and blanks used to create magnetic signs. Our ability to customize the magnetic signs (strength, thickness, surface, shape, etc.) for specific applications and processes; our ability to customize packaging; our superior customer service; and our competitive prices make JLP superior.

Magnetic Strips

Magnetic Strips is the easiest and widely available item that you can find anywhere to make your art and craft item into magnetic items just by adding a strips to it. The Magnetic Strips come normally in 60 mil with the option of 0.5″ to 1.5″ width rolls. But not all Magnetic Strips are created equal because the glue or the adhesive is important to determine where it will adhere properly to the time you add the Magnetic Strips on. JLP Company, Inc, is exclusively only use Acrylic base adhesive. It is a pressure sensitive type of adhesive in which the stronger you press the better it adhere.

So for anyone that likes to do projects or have an idea wanting to make their project to be able to stick/put up to any metal surface as display etc, Magnetic Strips is an easy economical way to achieve that! Remember not all Magnetic Strips is created equal, if you want to show of your work and don’t want to be embarrassed from the item falling off, than give us a call !

Flexible Magnets and human health!

We are literally alive with electromagnetic fields, most obviously those generated by our nervous system. As such, we’re all potentially susceptible to magnetic fields, which create electric currents when they change or we move through them. The intense fields used by medical scanners, which are around 100,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field, can trigger nausea, dizziness and a metallic taste in the mouth, but these effects are temporary.

The effects of more commonly encountered fields are, however, much less clear. Despite decades of claims about links between living in the magnetic fields generated by overhead powerlines and cancer, there’s no compelling evidence for long-term health effects. That said, international guidelines for public exposure to magnetic fields set an upper limit of 40 millitesla – around 1,000 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field.

Given the explanation above, one can safely say that any flexible magnets, printable magnets, Magnet rolls etc are safe for human body because its pull force are so small. they are basically designed for advertising industry and signages.


Flexible Magnets

Flexible Magnets:
Depending on the shape, flexible magnets are made by one of two processes–extrusion or calendaring.
Extrusion is used to form profile-extruded shapes that have irregular cross-sections, such as ridged magnetic strips.
This process squeezes a heated rubber magnetic compound through a die of the desired shape, producing lines of bubble-free, compact magnets.

Benefits to flexible magnets are wide versatility and their ability to easily mold around most shapes–at 20 degrees Celsius, they can be coiled into a 0.5” radius before cracking.
Working with flexible magnets is plain and simple you can pick up your household scissors since they can be sliced, drilled, punctured, scored, you name it. They are also heat-resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Flexible magnets therefore available in these forms:
1. Plain bare Magnets
2. Printable, that is backed with vinyl and other substrates.
3. Adhesive form, that is backed with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Flexible magnets come in sheets pre-cut or rolls form.

Plain Magnets:
JLP Company, Inc offers plain magnetic sheeting, which is pure, unadulterated magnetic material. Plain sheets are ideal for printers that have their own equipment and want to affix their own adhesive substrate.
come in a wide range of thicknesses and are available in two grades:
* Isotropic produced without magnetic orientation
* Anisotropic oriented using electromagnetic exposure to achieve higher strength