Flexible Magnets

People sometimes call Flexible Magnets as rubber magnets which made of ferrite powders and polymer. It has the characteristics of flexible, versatile with endless possibilities. Its material can be twisted, bend, punched, and otherwise made into all forms or shapes without loss of magnetic energy. Due to its flexible characteristic, flexible magnet can be as durable as rubber toys.

Flexible magnets are extensively applied for advertising, craft magnets, general signage, vehicle signs, promotional signage, decorative displays, general displays, school educational aid, toy, motor, industrial etc. You can easily cut flexible magnets with scissors and do screen printing, wide format inkjet printing, and also off-set printing. It’s available in adhesive backing or brightly colored vinyl backing, inkjet photo paper backed. You can use our flexible magnets rolls, magnet sheets and cut them to any custom profiles to fit your needs.

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