Pro Tips to Using Printable Flexible Magnetic Sheets

Pro Tips to Using Printable Flexible Magnetic Sheets

Printable flexible magnets enjoy countless uses for many different reasons, one of which is the ease with you can print and use them. You do not need a special printer to print on flexible magnets as long as it can accommodate the sheet’s thickness.  It’s very easy to print high definition images and graphics on flexible magnetic sheets for your requirement. To help you get the most of your investment in printable magnets, we share some printing tips that you have to remember. Let’s dig in.

First things first

A common problem that usually presents itself when printing flexible magnetic sheets is that it can easily attach itself to metal parts. There are many ways to go around this problem, including laminating a piece of polyethylene to a magnetic sheet that you can temporarily attach to the metal parts around the printer inlet slot. After this, you are good to go and can simply detach it after you finish printing.

Always use original ink

Always use original ink to get the best print. Original ink also gives you a print that will last a long time. Refer to your user manual to get accurate information on the appropriate replacement ink every time it dries out.

Consult Professionals

If you are in doubt as to whether or not your desired printer can cater to your specific requirement, flexible magnet professionals are always standing ready to help. A discussion about your requirement helps you choose the best printer that gives you value for your money.

Most printers can work

It is possible to print onto a printable magnetic sheet using most of the available commercial printers. Many differently makes and models are available on the market and choosing to go it alone can mean trouble, especially if you have a unique requirement.

We got you covered!

When looking for premium quality magnetic sheets or rolls, there is always a premium on choosing a reputable manufacturer.  At JLP Company, we pride ourselves at being able to cater to every unique requirement for magnetic sheets. Call us today to discuss your requirement and hear how we can cater to you need, even when it involves customization. Just dial at (909) 803 0388 or mail us at You can also Send Us a Message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fresh Ideas to Use Flexible Magnets

Fresh Ideas to Use Flexible Magnets

Ideas of Using Flexible magnets and Magnetic Sheets

Flexible magnets are effective and versatile in terms of the many applications they enjoy. There is no end to the creative ways that you can use flexible magnetic sheets in business, schools, and homes. JLP Company Inc manufactures high quality flexible magnetic sheets and strips available in different thicknesses to better appeal to your specific application. Check out some fresh ideas on using flexible magnets in the office, school, and home.

Business Cards

Magnetic business cards are a creative way of making sure that clients find it easy to locate your contact details. Customers and prospective customers simply stick them up on a metallic board or surface. They can also be emblazoned with creative and unique designs and graphics.

Photo Frames

Magnetic frames are a great way to give family or students real estate to stick up pictures, crafts, artwork, and a host of other items. The frames can be used on places such as fridges and other metallic surfaces.

Magnetic Calendars

Magnetic calendars are a great promotional item for businesses that are embarking on a branding or promotional campaign. Customers are more likely to use them throughout the year as they can easily stick them up and move them as and when needed.

Championing a cause

Organizations and individuals can easily fashion magnetic ribbons for specific causes using flexible magnetic sheets.  It is a cost effective and creative way to produce ribbons. The availability of printable flexible magnets makes the whole process easy.

School security

Magnetic strips placed over door latches make it easy for teachers and students to easily open and close the door, while providing a fast way to go into lockdown. Simply removing the magnetic strip allows even a child to lock the door. Security in schools is centerstage given the various unfortunate incidents that have taken so many innocent lives.

We can help

If you are looking for premium quality flexible magnetic strips or rolls to use in a diverse range of applications, JLP Company Ltd has everything that you need. Browse through available products to place an order or talk to us to get answers to all your questions. Call us today at 909 803 0388 or mail us at You can also Send Us a Message, and we will get back to you shortly.

Flexible Magnet Sheets

Flexible Magnet Sheets


Flexible Magnet Sheets are one on the most easier material to work with when you need to turn anything into magnetic. Normally Flexible Magnet are in roll form. Sellers cut them down to popular sheet sizes such as 12″x24″, 24″x36″ etc. Flexible magnet sheets in roll form depend on its thickness when unroll need to be relax to flat out so it can be easy to work with. This is the reason cut sheet sizes are ready to work with.

Flexible Magnet sheets in roll form are also called Magnet Rolls. When you have bigger project that needs a lot of sheets this is what you want to get. Roll magnets accommodate better for shipping. Magnetic material is heavy when rolled up it is easier to transport.


The most common flexible magnets are plain type, that is the usually dark brown color, with this material you can add glue and adhere to your project to turn it into magnetic. Another for is flexible magnet with adhesive, this saves your from the need to add your own glue, this comes with it. Normally it is a better acrylic adhesive, you just need to remove the liner and ready to apply it on to your project.

Flexible magnets that backed with paper can be printed with regular home printers. This material is the cheapest option for consumer home sign makers. Since it is backed with paper, it is only suitable to be used in door. If you are commercial sign maker than you probably need Flexible magnets sheet that backed with vinyl. This is good for vibrant graphics and can be used outdoor.

JLP Company has pre cut sheet size or in roll form. So when you need Flexible magnet sheets just give us call. You will find what you need in different thickness, length and width.