All You Need To Know About Flexible Magnets

All You Need To Know About Flexible Magnets

Flexible magnetic sheets are widely popular as they enjoy many applications and the list continues to grow. JLP Co. Inc. manufactures high quality flexible magnetic sheets for sale that are also available in a printable option. This blog seeks to help you better appreciate the manufacture and versatility of flexible magnetic sheets.

What are flexible magnets?

Flexible magnets are thin sheets of material that is magnetized on side. They can be laminated onto a non-magnetic surface by way of a high power double side adhesive tape, or attached by way of the magnetic surface to a ferromagnetic material. They are manufactured in various thicknesses and can be customized to meet your specific requirement. They are flexible in that they can be bent to conform to the shape and contours of the substrate.

What are some of the applications?

Flexible magnetic sheets have many applications in warehouses, supermarkets, schools, homes, and all sorts of signage and marketing campaigns. There is no limit to the creative uses to which you can put flexible magnetic sheets. Some of the common applications include:

  • Marketing decals for vehicles
  • Point of sale advertising
  • Signage
  • Crafts

Why use flexible magnets?

Flexible magnets are a great choice for a lot of applications because they can be removed and rotated, as well as printed and bent. Another positive for flexible magnetic sheets is that they are easy to clean and store. Their thickness and magnetic strength allows them to remain glued to a surface even in the face of strong winds. Talk to JLP Co. Inc. to hear more about why flexible magnets are great for your marketing and signage requirements.

We have the flexible magnetic sheet for you

If you are looking to buy flexible magnetic sheets, you can trust JLP Co. Inc. for superior quality. Browse through our selection of flexible magnetic sheets and rolls to find one that meets your requirement. You can also design you unique need with us to hear how we can help. We are always ready to help. Call us today at 909 803 0388 or send us an email at Alternatively, you can also Send Us a Message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.