Up Close With Flexible Magnetic Strips

Up Close With Flexible Magnetic Strips

Flexible magnets come in a lot of configurations that include magnetic strips. Just like flexible magnetic sheets, they enjoy a lot of applications at home, in business, and schools. They are found in a lot of products and always in plain sight in a lot of places although most people rarely notice them.  They can conform to any contour and hold weight many times their own. In this blog, we take a closer look at flexible magnetic strips and some of the common uses.

What are flexible magnetic strips?

Flexible magnetic strips are thin and light and available in rolls. They are made from Ferro Magnetic powder and a polymer bonding. You can find them in different thickness and widths to suit different requirements. Flexible magnetic strips also come in different adhesive laminate options. They boast high energy and can resist demagnetization as well as chipping.

What are the common uses of magnetic strips?

Flexible magnets strips are often used to hold materials together. They are widely used in signage and display as they offer unmatched versatility. Laminates can be applied on the weaker side to suit the intended application. You can choose the laminate adhesive according to the texture of the material to which the magnetic strip is meant to attach. The magnets also find use in:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Window and door seals
  • Games and toys
  • Post displays
  • Teaching aids
  • Menu boards
  • Marketing aids
  • Bin labels
  • Barcodes
  • Schedule boards
  • Advertising
  • Hot stamping
  • Magnetic white board

There are a lot of other uses and you can always find more creative ways to use this versatile product. They can be cut, shaped, and drilled to suit the application.

Explore the potential of magnetic strips!

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Flexible Magnets DIY Tips for Early Learning Centers

Flexible Magnets DIY Tips for Early Learning Centers

Flexible magnets have many applications which extend to educational institutions. While for most people, flexible magnetic rolls and sheets are synonymous with uses such as advertising and warehouse labeling, educational institutions can take advantage of them in many creative ways. In this blog, we look at how early learning centers can take advantage of flexible magnets as an organization tool.

Basic Uses

There are a lot of applications for flexible magnetic name plates, such as labeling lockers, desks, charts, cubbies, and seating charts. Such applications make it easy to maintain order as well as easily introduce changes to reflect developments on the ground.

Managing Student Groups

Flexible magnets are a great help when it comes to managing flexible cooperative student groups. You can be creative with the actual configuration of the design but the basic idea is to post group names on a magnetic whiteboard for any activity. The magnetic name plates make it easy to change the configuration of the groups as well as use the name plates and white board for other activities. You can also use small whiteboards that can be located in the areas where the respective groups are supposed to be stationed.

Aid in Student Projects

Whenever students are involved in an activity that comprises many stages it helps to write the different stags on a whiteboard and have students attach their magnetic name plates to indicate the progress they are making. This makes the whole exercise fun and instills a sense of accomplishment in the students.

Graphic Organizer Exercises

Flexible magnetic rolls can also come in handy during the learning process by aiding graphic organization exercises. Prepare magnetic tags with relevant keywords/concepts and requests students to assign them to the correct blank spaces on the board, such as classifying mammals and reptiles.

Sentence Construction

Magnetic tags can also be used in sentence construction exercises. Missing word options can be fashioned out of flexible magnet tags from which students can choose and add to the sentence. You can also employ color codes for your magnetic tags according to the different parts of speech.

We can help

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