Utilizing magnets for Safety and Security

Utilizing magnets for Safety and Security

Magnets play a lot of roles in different settings, some of which are pivotal to safety and security. This is on top of common uses such as in advertising, arts, crafts, and other common applications. Manufacturers of flexible magnetic sheets and rolls such as JLP Company Inc, give you superior quality products that cater to different applications and requirements. Here is a look at some of the ways magnets of various configurations work to improve safety and security. Buckle up, this is going to be a revelation like no other.

Security in Retail Outlets

Magnets are widely used in in retail outlets to curb shoplifting. Commonly called acousto-magnetic tags, they will alert the retail staff by triggering an alarm if anyone tries to leave with merchandise for which they haven’t paid. After purchase, the magnetic tags are removed allowing the shopper to exit the shop without any incident.

Gas Pump Safety

Magnets allow for otherwise catastrophic incidents at gas pumps to occur uneventfully. Drivers sometimes drive away from gas pumps without first letting the station attendants remove the hose from their tanks. This results in the hose breaking free from the pump. Ordinarily, such an incident would be the cause of a catastrophe, as gas would spill all over and likely result in a massive fire. Magnetic strips, when incorporated to the design of gas pumps, allow this accident to occur without the usual dangers

Door Locking Systems

Magnetic strips also plays a huge role in introducing doors that offer enhanced security. The magnetic strip in the mechanism prevents opening by requiring a special password. The lock design is used in many instances where results, smooth finish, and security are important. The locking system can only open if a card with the right password is inserted.

Final Word!

There are many other uses of magnetic sheets, rolls, and other forms, one of which is security sensors. If you are on the hunt for flexible magnets sheets for your requirement, JLP Company offers some of the best products on the market. If you wish to get expert help when shopping, don’t hesitate to call us and our sales team is always happy to assist. Just dial 909 803 0388 to learn more about available magnetic products or place an order. You can also mail us at sales@jlpco.com. Welcome to the world of magnets!

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