About Us

We are a manufacturer of flexible magnet materials for more than 50 years. Our experiences allow us to offer high quality products with reasonable costs. Our dedication to magnetic manufacturing has led to innovative and unique new products beyond magnetically backed sheeting. Our products are sold worldwide across 5 continents. We value long-term relationships with our customers. We offer flexibility, customization and insight into new applications and products to satisfy customers’ needs. Our innovative team strives to serve our valuable customers with constantly improved products and superior service.

We have 3 locations around LA area: Irvine, Riverside and Los Angeles. They are so conveniently located for us to drive up and pick up what we need, so now we can get what we need at the same day, no more stocking and we can fulfill order in a couple days…

Mike Henry - CA.

We have been sourcing from many different vendors but none is comparable to the support we get from JLP, they understand and even provide suggestion on how to workout the issue on our end, they did not have to do it, but I guess that is what good customer support means.

Miranda Jane - Wisconsin

We have used many different domestic materials, their products are better than US brand, the products and customer service are excellent, we are glad that we switch to them. No more problems and issues

Jake Clark - MN

JLP always have what we need when we need it . not to mention their speedy delivery, just an excellent vendor that you can count on at any time.

Charles P. Dae – Texas.